Talki Foundation

A little over two years ago we got a bundle of joy, a chocolate lab puppy named Birdie. Birdie had litter mates (Fotina, Luke, and Sadie to name a few!). Through social media, we met the parents of said litter mates and have kept in contact over the years. It’s funny how a group of people can be brought together! Although, dogs have a way of doing that, don’t they? 🙂

Well, Fotina’s dad lives down in Georgia, and he started a non-profit called the Talki Foundation, an organization that supports service dogs and their handlers. Talki is the father of Fotina’s one and only litter, and dad to Leo, who is following in Talki’s paw prints as a diabetic alert dog.

Left to Right – Baby Leo, Deputy Lexi (part of Chatham Co. Deputy Dogs), Birdie, Runner (diabetic alert dog), Fotina, and Harvey at a 5k fundraiser in Savannah, GA.

You can learn more about the Talki Foundation and follow the adventures of Leo and Fotina on Facebook.

How is However Small connected? Wendy designed the logo for the Talki Foundation and created Fotina and Talki’s Christmas card in 2019. Talki crossed over the rainbow bridge just before Christmas after a long life of service. We’re sure he is looking down, watching the good work Fotina and Leo are doing. Rest in peace Talki, your legacy is just getting started.